NaturAli Fit Loop Band Kit

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 Resistance Loop Bands Latex Stretch Resistant For Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core Exercise, Physical Therapy, Lower Pilates, At-Home Workouts, and Rehab, Assorted Resistances

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  • Exercise Bands 12″ x 2″, Set of 5 , the 5 different colors reflect the following resistances; GREEN (5-15lbs) is Light, BLUE (15-20lbs) is Medium resistance,GREEN (20-30lbs) is Heavy resistance, Red(30-35lbs) is X-Heavy resistance and Black(35-40lbs) is XX-Heavy resistance.
  • TOP QUALITY. High, resilient, stretch and sweat resistant latex, well built to last for a long time.
  • ALL-ROUND WORKOUT. Exercise your various body parts like arms, back, shoulders, legs, ankles and butt, physically stretch and strengthen your muscle and body for improving the body mobility, flexibility and strength.
  • A PERFECT COMBINATION. From light to XX-heavy, you can choose any single one or combine multiple bands together for satisfying different levels of resistant needs and finding the perfect exercise effect.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PORTABLE. Perfectly hide into your mini bag, suitable for indoor and outdoor use like home, gym, beach and park.
  • Also Available in the Trimester 2 NaturAli Pregnancy Box.
Included in the Nylon Bag: – 1 x Yellow band (0.35mm thick) LIGHT – 1 x Blue band (0.5mm thick) MEDIUM – 1 x Green band (0.7mm thick) HEAVY – 1 x Red band (0.9mm thick) X HEAVY – 1 x Black band (1.1mm thick) XX HEAVY