Baby Bump Week by Week: Trimester 2 Month 5

Baby Bump Week by Week: Trimester 2 Month 5

Body Month 5 ( weeks 18-21)

WEEK 18: This week you may start to feel back aches and pains due to your center of gravity being shifted: with your back being pulled forward while your abdomen protrudes out (thanks to you melon sized uterus). Add the pregnancy hormone called relaxin to the mix, which is literally relaxing your ligaments and joints causing more aches in your hips, pelvis and back. Heartburn may resurface or for some still be lingering. Tums are safe to take and the added benefit is extra calcium.

WEEK 19: Around this week something else may be keeping you up (besides thinking of your nursery design) LEG CRAMPS. Some woman start to feel these cramps during the second trimester and others in the third trimester. Mainly striking at night, but they can be present during the day. Try to sit down and elevate your legs and flex your toes forward and backward to help loosen the spasms.

WEEK 20: You’re officially at the half-way point! Besides starting to feel your little ones kicks, you may notice nail and hair growth. Thanks to your hormones, your nails will seem stronger and longer as will your locks. But don’t get too attached, as your nails can turn brittle and dry as well. And your hair will go through its own hair shedding cycle postpartum.

WEEK 21: Your little bundle will be leaving their mark this week, in the form of stretch marks. Only 1 out of 2 woman get stretch marks, and you’re more likely to get them if your mother had them. Darker skinned individuals are less likely to get them while lighter skinned women are more prone. Although there isn’t a cure, applying lotion and oil frequently throughout pregnancy help to moisturize the skin, stop the itchy feeling due to your growing belly and can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Do not worry though the hue will fade postpartum and become lighter in nature.

Baby Month 5 ( Weeks 18-21)

WEEK 18: Your baby is the size of a sweet potato this week and has mastered the art of yawning and hiccuping!   You may even be able to witness their yawn this month on your next ultra sound. Also this week your baby’s nervous system is maturing, forming more connections between nerve cell to  nerve cell, creating a communication system for their little body. The nerves inside their brain are working on developing their senses of touch, site, taste, smell and hearing.

WEEK 19: Roughly about 6 inches in length and weighing about 0.5lb, your baby has gone through a growth spurt and is now a size of a mango. This week your baby has another protector (besides you) called Vernix Caseosa. This covers your baby along with lanugo and the oil from your baby’s glands to help shield and protect it from the amniotic fluid. Without it your little one would be quite wrinkled looking at birth. The vernix will shed prior to birth unless your baby arrives early.

WEEK 20: Your little one is roughly the size of a small cantaloupe weighing about 10 ounces and is roughly 6.5 inches long. Your little one is growing but there is still more room to grow therefore you start to feel their acrobatic movements any day now. If you’re having a girl, their vaginal canal is starting to develop, with their ovaries carrying 7 million primitive eggs. If your little one is a boy, their testicles are starting their decent down but still reside in their abdomen until their scrotum is finished growing. If you opted to not due your blood work at the end of trimester 1 to determine the gender, you can now get the gender revel during your anatomy ultrasound this week

WEEK21: Your baby is now the size of a carrot ( 10.5 inches long and 11-12.5 ounces in weight). This week you may be feeling your little one moving around in their tight living quarters.  This is because your baby’s arms and legs are finally in proportion and their neurons are now connected between their brain and muscles and their cartilage is now turning into bone. They are able to finally move and grove and explore their surroundings. Your baby is also now getting sleep even if you’re not! They actually sleep as much as a newborn despite their belly dancing routines. This week their tiny taste buds are developing. They start to swallow some amniotic fluid for nutrition and hydration and to practice their swallowing skills.