Baby Bump Week by Week: Trimester 2 Month 4

Baby Bump Week by Week: Trimester 2 Month 4

Welcome to Trimester 2!

You made it through what I think is the hardest trimester. Hopefully your nausea is subsiding and you can finally wake up and smell the roses and deliciousness of food cooking, without wanting to run to the bathroom!

Your newfound energy enters as exhaustion will start to ease.  Just as you start to feel human again, this trimester you get the opportunity this trimester to find out what your tiny little human will be! By now you have done your blood work during weeks 10-13 to find out your baby’s gender or you will wait until week 20 during your anatomy scan. Now that you have your energy back you can plan your gender reveal (if you choose to have one) and/ or your pregnancy announcement!

Body: MONTH 4 (Weeks 14-17)

WEEK 14: It’s your official first week of your second trimester! More energy is heading your way with less trips to the bathroom. This week your uterus is making its way out of your pelvic region and into your lower abdomen. For some, uterine growth can cause some pains. Its pregnancy growing pains. It may feel aches or sharp pain on either side of your abdomen. This is due to the ligaments stretching to hold more weight. Put your feet up and get comfy to ease the pain.

WEEK 15: As the nausea subsides for most, another oral issue can pop up. Red, swollen and sensitive gums are more prone to bleed during brushing and flossing. This is normal during pregnancy, thanks to your pregnancy hormones. They can also create small little bumps on your gums which will go away and are  also the cause of nose bleeds during pregnancy.  Good, oral hygiene will prevent any further complication of gingivitis turning into an infection.

WEEK 16: You may have reached the point where your bump goes from looking like a large cheat meal to a noticeable baby bump. Your belly isn’t the only thing starting to swell, your mucous membranes in your nose are too. The swelling of these membranes coupled with hormones and extra blood flow leads to nasal congestion.

WEEK 17: Hello Appetite! Around this week, your baby is signaling to you that its time to EAT! This is due to your growing fetus. This newfound appetite that may have been lost due to nausea and food aversions, is a great way to make up for not gaining weight in the first trimester. But hold back from double orders of everything in site! Just because you’re feeding yourself and your baby doesn’t mean you will need to eat double… Or you will soon look double. Make smart food choices and have snacks handy throughout the day.

Baby: Month 4 ( weeks 14-17)

WEEK 14: Your baby is now the size of your fist! Growing daily and moving around in a fluid manor, although you won’t feel him or her for a few more weeks. Your baby’s neck is getting longer and is starting to get more erect. Besides growing in size, your little one is sprouting hair all over their body from their head, to their eyebrows! The body hair is called lanugo, and until your little one gets more body fat this keeps them warm. The roof of their mouth is starting to form and their intestines are producing meconium, the waste product that will be your baby’s first bowel movement after birth.

WEEK 15: Your baby is now weighing roughly 2.5 oz, measuring in at 4 inches long (equivalent to the size of a naval orange). Now your baby is starting to look like the bundle you pictured: their ears have moved from their neck to the side of their head and their eyes are moving from the side to the front of their face. They are currently practicing breathing, suckling and swallowing now so they are ready for their big debut.

WEEK 16: Weighing in around 3-4 ounces and 4-5 inches in length your little one is the size of an avocado. While some may see your growth externally, your little one can now see too (kinda) although their eyes are shut, they can perceive light and their eyes are moving side to side now. Their eyelashes are now in place, getting ready to bat their way to what they want. Their tiny back and neck muscles are growing stronger helping them to straighten out. Although they can’t see you they can now hear you! The tiny bones in the ears are in place and your little one can start to recognize your voice.

WEEK 17: Now measuring around 5 inches long, the equivalent to the palm of your hand and weighing around 5 or more ounces. Body fat, the baby’s that is, is beginning to form and will continue until the end of your pregnancy. Their heart beat is now controlled by the brain and beats around 140-150 BPM ( two times as fast as yours). They are continuing to practice suckling and swallowing as these are their survival skills. Your little baby is now becoming unique, as their fingerprints are starting to form this week and will continue to form their one-of-a- kind creases and swirls located on the pads of their tiny fingers.