Baby Bump Week by Week: Trimester 1 Month 3

Baby Bump Week by Week: Trimester 1 Month 3

BODY MONTH 3 ( Weeks 9-12)


WEEK 9: You may be feeling like a ton-of-bricks hit you and you’re a human water faucet! As if the constant bathroom trips to pee or throw-up aren’t enough, you can barely keep your eyes open. Extreme exhaustion is very common during the first trimester. Why? Well creating life is hard work! Your body is in overdrive, creating your baby’s life line (the placenta) and your good- ole hormones are triggering your metabolism to increase, dropping your blood sugar and pressure, making you more tired!


WEEK 10: HELLO Constipation! Some woman get hit with this hard and it’s due to your hormones causing your smooth muscles to work slower then normal. Some woman feel this more during their second trimester while others feel it now. Your uterus is the size of a small grapefruit, so if you look down and notice a little rounder lower-stomach area, that’s the reason. Another physical change is the road map of blue veins being more visible all over you. They are usually seen on light to fair skin types but also visible on darker skin.  During pregnancy, your blood volume increases nearly 50 percent more, so your veins will appear to be larger to help push the blood toward the baby.


WEEK 11: You may be feeling slightly hungrier this week, which is a good sign that your morning sickness may be exiting! Don’t go over board with eating; your calories the first trimester should remain the same. Your body doesn’t need extra calories during this phase of pregnancy.  You’ll be feeling like you ate too much on your “Sunday Funday,” with the sense of “I feel bloated” look, but “not yet pregnant” look. You can thank Progesterone for the bloating, burping and passing gas feeling, as it relaxes your smooth muscle tissue, which includes your GI tract slowing down digestion in order for a slower more controlled rate of nutrients to be delivered to your growing baby.


WEEK 12: The relocation of your uterus, now the size of a large grapefruit, from your pelvis area to your lower abdomen will ease the urge to pee. Other symptoms known to cease:

  • tender breast food aversions
  • nausea fatigue


As one door closes another one opens: Cue dizziness.  This is due to progesterone increasing the blood flow to the baby leaving a slower return back to you causing dizziness. Another cause is not eating frequently enough, creating a drop in blood sugar.



BABY MONTH 3 ( Weeks 9-12)  


WEEK 9: This is the last week your baby is an embryo before it turns into a fetus. Measuring in at 1 inch long, roughly the size of a green olive. Your baby’s head is becoming straighter and their ears are growing. The heart, lungs, brain, kidneys and liver have begun to develop, while the toes are now visible. Your baby’s heart beat is audible on the ultrasound but don’t worry if you can’t hear it. This just means your little one is shy and hiding in the back corner of your uterus.


WEEK 10: Your little one just graduated from embryo to fetus. Who knew you would have a graduation this early J.  With this graduation comes a ton of growth. Your baby is now measuring at 1.5 inches, roughly the size of a prune. Bones and cartilage are forming as are the small indentations on their legs to form knees and ankles. Their arms are fully equipped with teeny tiny elbows. The tooth fairy has arrived and has created dentation under the gums, but these teeth won’t make their appearance until your baby is 6 months old. Your baby’s stomach is now producing digestive juices and the kidneys are producing urine. If you’re having a boy, he has started to produce testosterone!


WEEK11: Just over 1.5 inches long and weighing about one quarter of an ounce, your little one is really taking shape. Their hands and feet are now positioned in front of their body, fully equipped with fingers and toes. The ears are almost completely formed, open nasal passages are positioned on the tip of their little noses; the tongue, mouth palate and nipples are all visible. Their hair follicles are forming on their head and all over their body now and their nail beds are forming. Although gender can’t be determined fully, if it’s a girl, their ovaries will be forming.


WEEK 12: Weighing in at half an ounce and measuring at roughly 2 to 2 ¼ inches, your baby is the size of a plum. Even though it’s hard to se the growth on the outside, your little one has nearly doubled in size! This week your baby is nearing the end of developing systems and most are fully formed. They now roll into the maintenance and maturing phases where your baby will continue to evolve over the next 28 weeks! Their digestive system is beginning to flex their muscles to help move food through their system, while their bone marrow is actively creating blood cells to help combat infections.