Baby Bump Week by Week: Trimester 1 Month 2

Baby Bump Week by Week: Trimester 1 Month 2



Week 5: This is the “Oh sh*t, I missed my period” feeling. You currently missed your period, and now the thoughts surge into your head. By now, your body is producing enough hCG to be detected on your at-home pregnancy test and confirming your pregnancy. Cue emotions! Be ready for feelings of joy, sprinkled with bouts of terror! But hey, its okay, because you are not the first woman to ever have a baby J. Once down from your emotional roller coaster, you will probably go right back up, thanks to mood swings. Other common symptoms are exhaustion, tender breasts, and good ole nausea! The majority of these symptoms are brought on by the large quantities of hormones that are being produced. These hormones are sending signals internally in order to bring on the physical changes needed to support and sustain creating life.



WEEK 6: Unfortunately you have another reason to be friendly with the bathroom: frequent urination strikes, while nausea is there to keep it company. The increase in hCG causes an increases in your blood flow to your pelvic area creating the urgency to urinate; but on the flip side, this excess blood flow can make your sex drive increase. Don’t worry, the urge to pee will cease when the second trimester rolls around. Some of you may start to feel heartburn and indigestion due to the relaxed muscle tissue located on top of your stomach.



WEEK 7: Although no one can tell you’re pregnant, you are met with the symptoms left and right. From nausea, to frequent urination, tender breasts, to excess saliva! While your baby is the size of a blueberry, your breasts feel and may even look like the size of melons! At this point some woman have grown a full cup size, which could bring relief to those tender, itchy breasts. Your nipples may appear to protrude out and are still tender to the touch, thanks to estrogen and progesterone production. Another common symptom: a darker complexion of your areola as well as larger size. You will also start to see tiny goose-bump looking spots on your nipple as well. Those are there to help lubricate your areola and prep your body for breast feeding.  DO NOT PANIC: this is normal.



WEEK 8: Your clothes may be a little tighter due to your uterus growing to be the size of large grapefruit. Although this is relatively small and won’t be visible externally, you sure do feel pregnant internally. The nausea has set in and morning sickness (which truly should be renamed as all day sickness), makes itself heard loud and clear. This just means you are part of the 75% of pregnant woman who get morning sickness while pregnant. This should let up come week 12.





WEEK 5: Your little bundle is now the size of an orange seed! The first operational system is developing which is the circulatory system, better known as the blood, along with its companion organ, the heart. Even though you may not hear the heart beat at week 5, they being soothed by yours. Also developing these weeks are your baby’s neural tubes (precursor to your baby’s brain) and the spinal cord, which hasn’t yet sealed.


 WEEK 6:  You will be able to hear the heart beat through the ultrasound and the spinal cord has successful been sealed. Your baby’s head is starting to take shape, creating places for those gleaming eyes, the button nose, chubby cheeks, the jaw and indentations for soon to ear canals. This week the lungs, liver and kidneys are starting to take shape and the heartbeat is roughly around 110bpm.


WEEK 7: Your baby is officially the size of a blueberry (which is 10,000 times bigger then when you conceived!). Here the baby’s brain is starting to take shape, creating cells for your little genius. Also, their limbs are starting to grow into arms, legs, knees, hands and feet. They aren’t fully formed but the process has begun! Their mouth and tongue and forming as well as their kidney for waste production. Lucky for you, you have a while until they are talking back and you’re changing diapers J.


WEEK 8: Now the size of a raspberry (a ½- 2/3 inches long).  Your baby has eyes, lips and eyelids all starting to take shape, making your baby look less reptilian and more human. Although they still have webbed feet and hands, their little fingers and toes are starting to differentiate from one another. The heartbeat is now between 150-170 bpm nearly twice as yours. Your little one is moving around although you can’t feel a thing.