Top 10 Tips For Surviving Trimester 1

Top 10 Tips For Surviving Trimester 1

The first trimester of any pregnancy can have its highs and lows. There will likely be days you feel great and others you feel, well, not so great. Navigating the first trimester of a pregnancy can be a very tricky thing to do, especially if this is your first pregnancy. If you have any serious problems, there is no substitution for calling your doctor with your concerns immediately. No concern is too small to seek medical help for if you are unsure.

Having said that, the following are 10 of the top tips that can help you navigate your first trimester of pregnancy more smoothly, including handling situations that may come up:

1.) Finding a Great Doctor: There is no substitute for a knowledgeable prenatal doctor who will give you the time, attention, and information you need to navigate your pregnancy confidently. Find a doctor who makes you feel the most comfortable and someone who you feel you can talk to and confide in about anything you need to talk about. This will help you have a great start to navigating your pregnancy, especially in the first 12 weeks.

2.) Learn to Control Nausea: Many women will, at times, feel nauseous during their first weeks of pregnancy. This is quite a common occurrence known as morning sickness and normally is nothing to panic about. Try getting something to eat in your stomach before you get up and moving about. Even a few crackers or a slice of whole wheat bread is a good start. Also, break your food intake down into several small meals eaten 5-6 times a day. Eating smaller amounts will help you avoid overloading your stomach, which may make the sickness worse.
Use natural remedies such as ginger products whether you take ginger tablets, use ginger root, or even drink natural, organic ginger ale, use something with ginger in it to help calm your stomach. Sucking on lemon or peppermint candies may also help.

3.) Stay Active: Doing some sort of activity every day will help keep your body moving and feeling at its best. Even if it’s a yoga class or a brisk walk, any movement is positive. Aiming for 10,000 steps a day is a great start and incorporating at home training with resistance bands can be a nice and easy transition into staying fit while pregnant. Consult your doctor to make sure your fitness regime is adequate for your pregnancy needs.

4.) Keep Hydrated: Water is the best way to stay hydrated. Sip 6 to 8 8-oz glasses of water or more per day. Another great way to ensure you are getting your water in is dividing your body weight in half and that’s how many ounces you should drink daily. For example, a 160-pound woman needs 80 oz daily for optimal hydration where a 100-pound woman needs 50 oz. daily. You can also carry a large water bottle around with you to ensure adequate intake.

5.) Eat the Rainbow: Maintaining a healthy diet of critical nutrients and vitamins is necessary to help provide for a healthy pregnancy. Be sure you are eating at least 10 servings of products (fruit and vegetables) daily. Aim for many different colors as you can fit in. Choose options your stomach tends to agree with. There is nothing wrong with repeating the same foods on most days to ensure you are getting your nutrients in and keeping yourself feeling your best.

6.) Check w/Your Doctor About OTC Medications: If you find yourself down and sick while pregnant, check with your doctor about taking over-the-counter medications for things like cases of the flu, colds, and sinus infections. Some medications you may not think of may be harmful to the unborn baby. Checking to be safe is always the best practice. Read the directions on the package and if it says do not use while pregnant, then find another medication or way to treat your illness.

7.) Indulge – Moderately: If you have pregnancy cravings, indulging is absolutely OK. Be sure to do so in moderation to avoid making yourself sick or to avoid an upset stomach. Enjoying some treats is perfectly fine, but be practical about it or you might end up not feeling very well afterward.

8.) Cut Yourself a Break: If there are days you feel weighed down and exhausted, don’t sweat not getting every single little thing done. Your body is performing a big job by growing another human inside of you. Cut yourself a break and request your family do the same. They might even be able to help out pick up a little bit of slack and make it easier on you! Most will be happy to help!

9.) Use Family For Emotional Support: You are sure to be excited, happy, glad, nervous, and a whole other ocean of emotions during your first trimester. Reach out to supportive family and close friends for comfort and companionship. Everyone will be happy for you and would love to help, so be sure to give them a way to do so! A little love from those around you can go a long way to making the pregnancy process smoother for everyone, including yourself.

10.) Make Time For You: Set aside a specified amount of time at the same time each day to allow yourself time for you. Read a book. Watch a movie. Talk to a friend. Meditate. Reflect. Just be. Cherish the experience you are having and the miracle your body is performing each day your pregnancy continues. Remember, that while these tips may be useful in helping your pregnancy run smoothly, your doctor is the best source of answers you have to any issues that may arise during your pregnancy. Listening to your doctor and getting appropriate prenatal care will help ensure you deliver a healthy, happy child and a miracle into your life.

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