Getting RADical Relief From Pain

Getting RADical Relief From Pain

Breathe stretch shake let it go… Yeah that’s easier said then done when you’re carting around a tiny human inside of you! Lets be honest, whether you’re pregnant, work a 9-to-5 on your feet or at a desk, we all get struck with aches and pains. We don’t always have the time or resources for massages or chiropractic adjustments, so what better way to help yourself then being able to treat yourself?


I for one have always battled with proper recovery from weight training. Then add pregnancy and working full time to the mix and I was a walking time bomb. I would drink enough water, eat well, take Epsom salt baths but my greatest weakness was my stretching. My biggest excuse was time, next to not knowing the best way to stretch and release the built up lactic acid and toxins.


A few things I have added to help me with this, is yoga and the use of Rad Rollers. I will admit that yoga was never something that interested me, I was ignorant to the different types and just needed to step outside my comfort zone and try a few classes out to see what would fit my lifestyle needs. Second issue was not having the proper tools accessible to do Self Myofascial Release (SMR) and stretching. SMR for those of you who don’t know, is also known as foam rolling, it’s a soft tissue therapy for releasing tension in fascia that restricts movement in our bodies.


It wasn’t until about a year ago I found out about Rad Roller and how they revolutionized the massage and release tools industry. Not only does it replace your standard foam roller, but they are fully equipped with all types and sizes for mobility and stretching products. Made out of silicone and creatively crafted to dynamically contour and fit the human body, their products have truly changed my ability to get instant relief.


A little info behind RAD:

The entire line of RAD mobility products are designed by experts to closely replicate the touch of a trained massage therapist. Their tools provide controlled, acute point release, move waste materials out of your soft tissue and encourage proper spinal alignment.

Point release products will help you target those deep knots and help liberate tight spaces while the muscle flushing products will help remove waste materials and toxins out of the body.



During my pregnancy biggest issue and complaint was my sciatica. That gave me the most trouble and even now post partum I still get bouts of that pain resurfacing. The addition of the RAD roller and RAD rounds have help me target that area and release the tension. I will also use the RAD Helix in replace of my traditional foam roller as well as the RAD Rod. I will use these primarily after I train legs and it will help release the fascia surrounding the muscle. I will take it out on the gym floor with me to remind me to use it post workout. If I am short on time I will then use it at home in the evening.


Common pregnancy pains include lower back ,swollen feet and achie hands. The use of the RAD Roller and Rounds will help release that tension and flush out any toxins. Add a nice warm bath to the mix and your body will be in pre natal bliss.


Another added benefit is that these products travel well and are affordable. They are not too bulky or heavy, where carting them around just adds to your bag lady status. The portability makes it great for travel and for work. I carry my round with me on the plane to release any tension in my feet and lower back as well as in the office.


The RAD Round  and RAD Roller can be used for point release, flushing and shearing:

  • Neck + Upper Back
  • Shoulders + Arms
  • Hips+ Legs

The RAD Helix and RAD Stick can be used for liberating your soft tissue of built up waste and toxins:

  • Hips + Legs
  • Neck + Upper/Lower Back

The best suggestion I could give would be to purchase the RAD ALL IN KIT. This comes with the RAD Rounds in three sizes, RAD Roller, as well as the RAD Helix and RAD Rod.

A very HOW TO USE GUIDE can be accessed by clicking HERE

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